Definitions for "Developer"
A chemical bath or reagent used in developing photographs.
A reagent used to produce an ingrain color by its action upon some substance on the fiber.
a chemical solution that changes the invisible, latent image produced during exposure into a visible one
(1) A builder. (2) one who prepares the raw land for construction and then sells lots to a builder.
In team development, the person who created an edition of a class or interface. Only the developer can version the class or interface.
An entrepreneur who coordinates the purchase of land, design, project planning, financing, and construction of the entire project. The developer is the leader of the development team.
Developers write the product code. Synonyms: coder, programmer.
an organization of artists, programmers, game designers, testers, and writers who create a playable game from its initial concept.
The roles that help to implement the new system, which includes programmers, systems architect, data base administrators, human factors specialists, etc.
an oxidizing agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, that allows hair dye to take hold on the hair. iethanolamine (DEA) - a detergent, humectant, and solvent used in shampoos and shower gels.
Clairoxide, Pure White Creme Developer or a 20-vol. peroxide which is mixed with tints, dyes and bleaches to produce final results.
A product which oxidises artificial colour pigment.
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A company whose primary business activity is writing (developing) computer games. Developing games requires a diverse range of artistic and technical expertise including game design, music composition, graphical art/design, AI and programming (coding) ability. Some publishers have in house development teams, some use third party developers - most publishers use a mix of the two. For a more complete explanation see The Development Process.
A person who writes code to create and maintain programs that run a computer system.
Application developers are the creators of software applications who write the original source code. Note that a great many people and organizations who call themselves "software developers" do not actually write software applications, but only reconfigure and repackage software written by others.
An organization that performs development activities (including requirements analysis, design, testing through acceptance) during the software life cycle process.
A developer is a person responsible for developing the required functionality in accordance with project-adopted standards and procedures including requirements, analysis & design, implementation, and test disciplines. Electronic Lab-based Reporting (ELR) ELR is the transmission of data of public health importance from clinical laboratories to public health agencies in electronic format. Ideally, data transmitted by ELR would be automated and would use standardized codes for tests and results.
A person responsible for developing the required functionality in accordance with project-adopted standards and procedure s. This can include performing activities in any of the requirements, analysis and design, implementation, and test workflow [D04720] RUP
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The developer is responsible for development, which refers to those activities undertaken to evolve the system from the statement of need by the user to the acceptance into service by the user.
A nodelet that can be viewed by some users of E2. Appears in the sidebar, similar to the Vitals nodelet.
A user who can make direct changes to the Wikipediasoftware and database. See also m:Developer for a list of developers andfurther information.
a member of a Subsystem within a Centre of Competence (CoC) within the Radio Commander (RC) development organisation
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an Ubuntu member who is able to fix, upload, and release packages in the Ubuntu archive
In lithographic plate making, the material used to remove the unexposed coating.
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The person who uses HATS Studio to develop applications; also application developer or Web developer. (Contrast with user.)
See Applicant.
a license that everyone pays regardless of subsequent deployment
The term “Developer” shall mean the owner, authorized distributor, or licensee of the Materials.
a person or entity that changes something by improving or adding to it; i.e., a person or group that does development, for example, there is the community developer, economic developer, enterprise developer or real estate developer. definition of developer defined definition of development network defined as a developer's resource for building and maintaining important working relationships
A person, or group, that designs and/or builds and/or documents and/or configures the hardware and/or software of computerized systems.
Someone who modifies or enhances (and sometimes breaks) BELTS.
A person who creates computer programs, and may specialize in one or more methods of creating computer programs, Web pages, or programming languages, such...
The development tool for Integration Server used to create services.
a person who creates computer software
a researcher who implements a system
The person or group who either signs the original declaration governing the development and association or acquires the original developer's (declarant’s) rights.
someone who develops real estate (especially someone who prepares a site for residential or commercial use)
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a corporation or individual who finances or organizes a real estate development{5}.
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Development Loan
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One who, or that which, develops.