Definitions for "Entrepreneur"
One who takes the initiative to create a product or establish a business for profit; generally, whoever undertakes on his own account an enterprise in which others are employed and risks are taken.
Person who tries to make money by starting or running a business, especially when this involves taking a financial risk.
an economic agent who perceives market opportunities and assembles the factors of production to exploit them. factors of production philosophy
a friendly and motivating captain of his team who shares the joys and sorrows of team members
a story teller, a motivator, and socially inclined
a different type of person
a natural or legal person or an incorporated partnership which exercises its commercial or self-employed professional activity on conclusion of a legal transaction
a person who, as a profession, acts in accordance with market forces
a intriguing industry and studying more about it is extremely advantageous
a stirring industry and learning more about it is very remunerative
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a salesperson
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an incurable optimist
a growing field and discovering more about it can prove to be very edifying
a stimulating field and studying more about it can prove to be quite productive
a kind of impresario, one who organizes numerous factors, and brings things into connection so as to produce
a person who brings the factors of production together and generates Goods and Services
(Schumpeter, The Theory of Economic Development, pp.74ff. 1934/ Galaxy 1961,)
Entrepreneurs have the ability or talent to shift resources from areas of low productivity and yield to areas of high productivity and yield. They understand a marketplace need and how to serve or fulfill that need.
an Entrepreneur is someone who has purchased a Basic Distributor Kit and is eligible for a 25% discount on all product purchases.
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an admired position in society
an individual with a project blueprint and limited wealth
a trained individual in the processing and transformation of food and can thus adequately understand detailed information as to its content
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a self-starter, someone who typically goes out and is prepared to move into new territory or come up with ways of doing things that others would not attempt
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a man who has all these things to a greater degree than the rest of the people
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a unique being
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a full time job
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an agent of change