Definitions for "Talent"
Among the ancient Greeks, a weight and a denomination of money equal to 60 minæ or 6,000 drachmæ. The Attic talent, as a weight, was about 57 lbs. avoirdupois; as a denomination of silver money, its value was £243 15s. sterling, or about $1,180.
Among the Hebrews, a weight and denomination of money. For silver it was equivalent to 3,000 shekels, and in weight was equal to about 93? lbs. avoirdupois; as a denomination of silver, it has been variously estimated at from £340 to £396 sterling, or about $1,645 to $1,916. For gold it was equal to 10,000 gold shekels.
A monetary uni worth 6000 drakma. As a measur of weight it is equivalent to 25 kilograms (55 pounds).
Intellectual ability, natural or acquired; mental endowment or capacity; skill in accomplishing; a special gift, particularly in business, art, or the like; faculty; a use of the word probably originating in the Scripture parable of the talents (Matt. xxv. 14-30).
a special aptitude or faculty, high mental ability.
A person's natural aptitude, mental or physical, e.g. creative, artistic, analytical, etc. [D03323] RMW
a term applied to the actors, as a group, on a film set
Collective name for all performers and actors who appear on a program.
Actors, models, and singers employed in advertisements.
Outside personnel stationed in a trade show exhibit to demonstrate a product, provide attraction to booth or greet visitors. Includes magicians and similar attractions. See MODELS, PRESENTERS.
An individual or company hired to work in an exhibit to greet visitors, demonstrate product, or stage a performance.
a small advantage and it makes a difference because his coaching style is still the same
The Talent is a multiple unit passenger train manufactured by Bombardier Talbot that was developed by Waggonfabrik Talbot shortly before the company was acquired by Bombardier in 1995. The name Talent is an acronym in German for TALbot LEichter Nahverkehrs Triebwagen (in English, Talbot light suburban motor-coach).
Name for television performers.
The paid staff who are seen or heard on the air, often the interviewer.
The person/people interviewed for a television interview or used in a photograph.
Generic term used to describe the people who sing, dance, act, play an instrument, etc. in a performance.
in regards to a bar/pub/dance club, the caliber of the opposite sex inhabiting the establishment during your visit: The talent is pretty piss-poor tonight; means This place is crawling with so many uggo's that my manhood crawled back in me like a frightened turtle.
a euphemism for female breast size (larger breasts=more talent) (note: this term originated from an infamous episode of Sailor Moon, where in the dubbed English version, a character says "I have the most talent"; in the orignal Japanese version, she says "I have the largest breasts")
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a terrible thing
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A pool of points a beginning wrestler is alloted from which to "buy" Attributes, Merits, and Flaws.
Inclination; will; disposition; desire.
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a large sum of money, equal to the wages of a day laborer for fifteen years
A term used to refer to subjects on-camera in a video production.
an intense interest in, and complete comprehension of, any subject
the individuals who are the subjects who appear in the video.
natural qualities or talents
a capacity that begins as a natural potential but must be used and practiced to become active
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a relative term