Definitions for "Steve White"
Steve White (born on 31 May, 1965 in Bermondsey, London) is an English drummer, who has worked extensively with Paul Weller, The Style Council and other British musicians.
Steve White is a guitarist for KMFDM, first joining the band in 2002 for the Sturm & Drang Tour, and later appearing on several live albums/DVDs and the studio album Hau Ruck. Previously he was a member of PIG, the project of fellow KMFDM contributor Raymond Watts.
Steve White is a British comic book writer (and occasional colourist) who has mainly worked with 2000 AD. His career in comics began in the 1980s at Marvel UK in London, where he worked in various roles on titles like The Real Ghostbusters, Transformers, Knights of Pendragon and The Sleaze Brothers. He has co-authored work with Dan Abnett, of Majestic fame.