Definitions for "London"
by Tangerine Dream (words by William Blake
London is a poem by William Blake, published in Songs of Experience in 1794. It is the only poem in Songs of Experience which does not have a corresponding poem in Songs of Innocence.
The capital city of England.
London, England
The definition of London and Greater London used by the London Technology Fund is the 32 boroughs and the City of London. The geographic boundary is illustrated in this map. You can check whether you are in London using this postcode checker:
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Optimara variety belonging to the World Traveler series. Extra large, standard African Violet (6-inch pot size). Flowers are blue stars. Leaves are medium green. Introduced 1995. More information.
London is a 2005 relationship drama feature film centering on a Manhattan party. The movie is directed and written by Hunter Richards, his first. It stars Jessica Biel, Chris Evans, and Jason Statham.
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London (Serbian Cyrillic: Лондон) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Stari Grad.
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a large ciy, fille with mnay differnt ethnic varities
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=London Symphony Orchestra (1974 - 1979)=
Involuntary stop on our way and by the way the capital of the Great Britain. Population is about 7 millions. Airport Heathrow. We had stayed at wonderful hotel Sheraton Heathrow.
Treaty of Treaty signed in 1839 by the Great Powers, promising to respect the independence and neutrality of Belgium.
London was a 2004 three-part BBC history documentary series about the history of London, presented by Peter Ackroyd.
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United States writer of novels based on experiences in the Klondike gold rush (1876-1916)
Fix: The twice-daily bidding session in London of the five major gold traders, at which the gold price is fixed or set. The London Fix provides the basis for many gold contracts worldwide.
a captivating, intoxicating individual
a Spanish agency which offers UK and overseas businesses a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions in Spain, ranging from permanent to contract from skilled to unskilled candidates
London was a federal electoral district represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1867 to 1968. It was located in the province of Ontario.
Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR): The short - term rate (1year or less) at which banks will lend to each other in London. Commonly used as a benchmark for adjustable - rate financing.
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a custodian account holder for
This article is about the English band London. For the American band with the same name, see London.
This article is about the American band London. For the British band with the same name, see London.
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United Kingdom
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an automated process and results may vary