Definitions for "Coventry"
A town in the county of Warwick, England.
an industrial city in central England; devastated by air raids during World War II; remembered as the home of Lady Godiva in the 11th century
Sarah Coventry is a company that produced mid-range costume jewelry. The Sarah Coventry jewelry company was founded in Newark, New Jersey, USA by Charles H. Stuart (who earlier founded the Emmons jewelry company) in November, 1948. He named the company after his his grand-daughter. Sarah Coventry jewelry was sold at home fashion shows until 1984, when the company was sold. Both women's and men's jewelry was produced under the marks Sarah Coventry (first used in May, 1949), SC (first used in Oct. 1953), Sarah Cov (first used in Jan. 1960). Sarah Coventry jewelry came with a "Lifetime Guarantee" which read, " May be sent back for repair to: P.O. Box 7899, Warwick, RI 02887. Please include handling charge of 1.50."
the state of being banished or ostracized (excluded from society by general consent); "the association should get rid of its elderly members--not by euthanasia, of course, but by Coventry"
"Coventry" is a science fiction short story by Robert A. Heinlein and part of his Future History series. It was collected into the book Revolt in 2100.