Definitions for "Kent"
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Kent is a Swedish rock band founded in Eskilstuna/Torshälla in 1990, with the name Coca-Cola Kids, later Jones & Giftet (Jones & the Poison), and Havsänglar (Angel sharks, lit. Sea angels). The band's logo is distinctive, using a lowercase "k" and the ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book typeface.
Kent by the epynymous Swedish band Kent is their debut album released in 1995.
An English ship that brought many Quakers to Burlington County. (1677).
a county in southeastern England on the English Channel; the first to be colonized by the Romans
a city located in King County, Washington
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Kent, also known as Signal and Kemp, is a four-player card game, played in teams. Kent is played with a standard deck of cards. The players rely on luck, speed and silent communication to win the game.
Kent is a brand of cigarettes, first to introduce smoke filters in 1952. From March 1952 until at least May 1956, the Micronite filter in Kent cigarettes contained a form of asbestos. Cancer Research 55, 1 June 1995.
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United States painter noted for his woodcuts (1882-1971)
a dangerous place, I wonder that you escaped with only a tabby scratch
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for other electoral districts with similar names, see Kent (electoral district)