Definitions for "Kemp"
Coarse, rough hair in wool or fur, injuring its quality.
Chalky white, brittle, weak wool fiber that may be mixed with normal fibers in a fleece. Kemp will not take dye and is objectionable. See Also: fiber. fleece. wool.
A Coarse Animal Fibre With A Wide Lattice-type Medulla That Is Shed From The Skin At Least Once A Year; It Is Often Shorter Than Other Fibres Of The Fleece, Has A Long Tapering Tip, And, When Completely Shed, Tapers Sharply Towards The Root End.
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A custom car or lead sled.
A kustom car or lead sled.
Kemp is a single released on February 18, 2002 by the Swedish punk-rock band Millencolin comprising of the title track "Kemp" from the full length album Home from Home along with non-album tracks "The Downhill Walk" and "Absolute Zero".