Definitions for "Nep"
small knots of fiber embedded in the yarn. May be intentional or unintentional.
A small knot of tangled fibers, usually consisting of short , dead or immature fiber.
a small knot of entangled fibres commonly regarded as a fault but sometimes introduced as an effect.
1. Abbreviation for net ecosystem production, the rate at which carbon from the atmosphere (as CO ) is accumulated in the biosphere. It is equal to the NPP minus heterotrophic respiration. See Woodwell (1995a). 2. Abbreviation for National Estuary Program, an EPA program to identify problems in estuaries and recommend solutions. See the NEP Web site.
National Employment Panel
National Employment Project
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Net Economic Profit. Represents cash net income available to common shareholders, less a charge for capital. NEP is an effective measure of economic value added. NEP is a non-GAAP measure.
New Economic Policy. Lenin's policy to re-establish limited economic freedom in an attempt to rebuild agriculture and industry in the face of economic disintegration. (p. 958)
New Economic Policy. The policy introduced in Soviet Russia in 1921 which allowed a certain revival of capitalism. It replaced War Communism, the economic policy pursued in the period of the Civil War. The NEP was introduced as a temporary measure to help overcome the economic destruction resulting from the first world imperialist war and the subsequent Civil War and invasion by the imperialist powers, including the U.S. armed forces.
Noise equivalent power: The radiant power that provides a noise to signal ratio of one at the output of a given detector, within defined parameters for modulation, frequency, wavelength, and a given effective noise bandwidth.
Noise equivalent power. The optical input power to a detector needed to generate an electrical signal equal to the inherent electrical noise.
See noise equivalent power.
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acronym for non-English proficient
Node Error Program. A user-replaceable program used to allow user-dependent processing whenever a communication error is reported to CICS.