Definitions for "Radiant"
The luminous point or object from which light emanates; also, a body radiating light brightly.
A straight line proceeding from a given point, or fixed pole, about which it is conceived to revolve.
The point in the heavens at which the apparent paths of shooting stars meet, when traced backward, or whence they appear to radiate.
A rectangular or square diamond that combines different cuts to increase its sparkle. The crown is comprised of a step cut and scissor cut, while the pavilion uses a brilliant cut.
A 70-facet brilliant-cut square or rectangle diamond with emerald cut corners.
A rectangular stone that is flat on top and brilliant cut underneath.
Emitting or proceeding as from a center; resembling rays; radiating; radiate.
Especially, emitting or darting rays of light or heat; issuing in beams or rays; beaming with brightness; emitting a vivid light or splendor; as, the radiant sun.
Beaming with vivacity and happiness; as, a radiant face.
The Radiant is a superhero from the DC Comics Universe. He was created as part of the backstory to the Doomsday storyline following The Death of Superman, in which the origin of Doomsday as well as his future (and that of Superman's) is revealed.
a person with the inborn ability to generate an excess of energy. See also 'generator'.