Definitions for "Transmittance"
The fraction or percent of a particular frequency or wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that passes through a substance without being absorbed or reflected.
The ratio of the energy per unit time per unit area (radiant power density) transmitted through an object to the energy per unit time per unit area incident on the object. In general, transmittance is a function of the incident angle of the energy, viewing angle of the sensor, spectral wavelength and bandwidth, and the nature of the object. Menu
The ratio of transmitted radiant energy to incident radiant energy, or the fraction of light that passes through a medium.
Often synonymous with transmissivity, but may also be used for transmitted irradiance.
Keywords:  steady, warm, barrier, cool, fluid
The time rate of heat flow per unit area under steady conditions from the air (or other fluid) on the warm side of a barrier to the air (or fluid) on the cool side, per unit temperature difference between the two sides.