Definitions for "Comet"
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A member of the solar system which usually moves in an elongated orbit, approaching very near to the sun in its perihelion, and receding to a very great distance from it at its aphelion. A comet commonly consists of three parts: the nucleus, the envelope, or coma, and the tail; but one or more of these parts is frequently wanting. See Illustration in Appendix.
A bright star-like heavenly body, composed of masses of tiny particles and gases, which follows an eccentric orbit of the Sun that for some comets can take thousands of years to complete. Most comets form luminous "tails", bits of meteroic material and gases that stream off into space, when they near the Sun.
a piece of ice wandering through space commonly called a "dirty snowball"
The Comet was a superhero who first appeared in Pep Comics #1 in January, 1940. Possibly the first superhero killed in the line of duty, he died in issue #17 (July, 1941), which also introduced his brother, a brutal hero called the Hangman.
The Comet is a fictional comic character, originally published by Archie Comics, where he gained the dubious distinction of being the first superhero killed in the line of duty.
The Comet is a fictional character who first appeared in the DC Comics' Impact Comics series, The Comet. The character is loosely based on the Archie Comics character, The Comet.
"Comet" is a twister-layout wooden roller coaster that was installed in the now defunct Lincoln Park in Massachusetts. It operated from 1946 until 1987, and continues to stand (though partly collapsed) as of November 2005.
The Comet is a wooden roller coaster located at The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom in Lake George, New York.
The Comet is a wooden roller coaster at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Built in 1946 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC) of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the coaster features an out and back track layout. When built it was jointly owned by Hershey Park and PTC.
A star or other projectile which leaves a glittering, persistent trail behind it.
A star or fiery ball whose pyrotechnic performance starts from the point of launch on the ground as it is propelled upward.
Trail of colored light that shots into the air often without a burst or report at the end.
"Comet" is a well-known humorous children's song in the United States. It describes the deleterious effects of consuming Comet Cleanser—a powdered cleansing product sold in North America. Among the effects alleged by this song are the discoloration of the mouth; an unappealing taste; and, finally and not surprisingly, this song reminds us that an individual who ingests Comet will ultimately vomit.
Comet is a powdered cleansing product sold in North America and distributed in the USA by Prestige Brands. Scratch Free Comet with Bleach Disinfectant Cleanser contains 1.2% sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate and 98.8% "other" ingredients. The only clues about the other ingredients in the product are disclaimers on the label that mention that the surfactants in the product are biodegradable and that it contains no phosphate.
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Roca Partida.
The Comet passenger car series was first designed in the late 1960s by Pullman-Standard as a modern commuter car for North American rail lines. The first Comets were built in 1970 for the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad and paid for by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The cars were eventually built for numerous other agencies as well as Amtrak (with Amtrak named under the "Horizon Fleet").
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The "Comet" dinghy is a sixteen foot long, two person, one-design class, racing sloop.
The Comet is a commonly kept form of goldfish, the only type to have originated in the United States. They first appeared in the ponds of the Fish Commission in Washington in the early 1880s. Mr.
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Comet is the pet golden retriever on the sitcom Full House.
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a terrible mass to escape from
a more complicated structure, and it's a little easier to craft an explanation for why it might explode
CalPERS On-Line Member & Employer Transaction System. This is our "corporate" database system where all membership information is stored.
Complete Optical Multiservice Edge and Transport
This type on maturity pays out a coupon or the performance of an underlying basket, depending on whether or not one or more of the basket assets crosses a lower barrier. The underlying is typically a basket of diversified stocks.
Comet is a programming technique that enables web servers to send data to the client without having any need for the client to request it. It allows creation of event-driven web applications which are hosted in the browser.
Commercialising Emerging Technologies