Definitions for "Browser"
a computer program that permits the user to view multiple electronic documents in a flexible sequence by the process of activating hypertext "buttons" within one document, which serves as a reference to the location of related document. The term is currently (late 1990's) used mostly for programs which allow traversing hypertext paths in documents on the internet. A typical browser will permit the user to easily reverse direction, and view again documents previously accessed.
A software program used to view and interact with Web pages. Netscape and Internet Explorer are the most commonly used. Circa, about -- used with dates
Software that is used to access information from the World Wide Web. Examples of browsers are Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Netscape® Navigator. The Internet service America Online® also has built-in browser software.
A herbivore which eats primarily leaves, shoots, twigs of trees, bushes, forbs, and other vegetation which is off the ground.
An herbivore that feeds on shoots and leaves of trees and/or shrubs, as opposed to grasses (compare grazer).
herbivore that feeds on shoots and leaves of trees and/or shrubs, as opposed to herbaceous vegetation (compare " grazer").
A browser is an animal that eats tall foliage (leaves). Many sauropod dinosaurs, like Brachiosaurus and Ultrasauros, were browsers.
A browser is an herbovorous animal that eats tall foliage (leaves or trees and shrubs). Browsers generally don't kill the plant they eat. Deer are browsers.
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PopUp Ad
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A common reference to the pointer you use on-screen as directed by your mouse. When we say, "Point Your Browser" we mean click your mouse on that spot to be directed immediately there.
A multiple-column area of a window in which you can browse through hierarchically organized information by clicking on names in the columns.
In DiskSuite Tool, a window for browsing through DiskSuite objects in list form. There is a separate browser for slices, metadevices, and hot spare pools.
A tool used to read electronic books.
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a basic tool for the manipulation of a repository; , displaying its objects, links and attributes. The browser also acts as a repository editor, allowing the creation and deletion of objects, modification of links and attributes, etc.
A client programme that enables one to use the services and display the information provided by a specific type of server.
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FAQ ISP Plug-in
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an animal that eats tree leaves, twigs and branches
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Create an Alert
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HTTP Spider
HTTP Server Logs
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An animal that feeds on the tissues of woody plants.
Targeting Serving of ads to a particular browser types used by the viewer.
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a client on a local machine employed to access and present on the screen any material available on WWW servers around the world
See WWW browser.
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An animal that browses.