Definitions for "Safari"
an overland journey by hunters (especially in Africa)
a hunting journey
Keywords:  papaya, mango, liqueur, exotic, dutch
Liqueur brand with strong exotic fruit aroma's.
a hybrid that has been created by breeding a wild Geoffroy cat that is native to South America to a domestic cat
A Dutch yellow fruit liqueur made from mangoes, limes and papaya.
Web browser made by Apple for Mac OS X.
A web browser Apple Computer Company develops for its own Mac OS X platform.
A Web browser specifically designed to run on Apple's MacOS operating system.
Keywords:  flap, pockets, zipper, buckle, pleated
things such as belted or vented jackets, pleated pockets, and button down flap composed this look.
a soft leather bag with a curved shape, a top zipper, two top straps or handles, and two outside pockets with flaps and buckle closures.
Servlet container SmartSkin springs and struts StructureBuilder
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SAFARI was an attempt by the French government to create a centralized database of personal data. On March 21 1974 an article in the newspaper Le Monde brought public attention to the project. The massive popular rejection of this project promoted the creation of the CNIL to ensure data privacy.
a remainder of earth's spectacular abundance of life while also illustrating its vulnerability
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a good vehicle, However, I suggest you test drive a Innova
an unpredictable and exciting experience - you never know what you are going to encounter
an appropriate analogy for the innovation process
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an ideal way to kick start an active summer
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a perfect example