Definitions for "Pockets"
Pockets are used on scrapbook pages to hold photos, tags, and other memoribilia, and they can be made from paper, vellum, cardstock, and other materials.
Usually made of paper, pockets are created on pages to hold other items like pictures or memorabilia. You adhere (glue or stitching) the two sides and bottom of a smaller piece of paper to your background and you have an instant pocket.
The undesirable formation of large cavities or pockets in the foam structure. Pocketing is usually caused by rapid formation and/or release of the blowing agent before the polymer structure has gained sufficient strength to contain the gas. [Also see "Splits".
deepened spaces between the teeth and the supporting structures (gingival or alveolar bone) where food particles and plaque may collect in periodontal disease. Pockets develop when bacteria create toxins that cause gum tissues to detach from the teeth.
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Pockets - There are many words to describe the safety zones where the "eagles" shall gather in high places of elevation in "the last days". Vortex Centers. Thrones. Crop Circles. Retreats. Ley Lines. Domes.
Pockets are hems welded into the vinyl to accept gripper bars for vinyl installation. They are similar to a hem in a curtain. Pockets will be a standard 3" (top, bottom, & sides). This results in a pocket with a 6" circumference. In terms of the vinyl face, the "pocket" is more accurately described as a "margin." A 14' image with 3" bleeds and 3" pockets (or margins) yields a finished size of 15'. (Also referred to as "wrap.") Regardless of whether a board is printed with or without bleeds or margins, the mechanical pocket still exists. This pocket typically is 4" of material, folded over and seamed with a 1" seam yielding a 3" pocket.
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Any opening built into a binder for storing loose sheets. These can be any size or shape because special dies can create whatever effect you desire.
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the holes at the sides and corners of the table that the balls are knocked into
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Your unique cards that only you can see. For instance, "He had pocket sixes" (a pair of sixes), or "I had ace-king in the pocket."