Definitions for "CORNERS"
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Protruding corners are bad Feng Shui as they disrupt healthy Chi flow by sending out negative energy and can create havoc. Placing a tall, bushy, round leafed plant before it to act as a cure, especially if you are seated directly facing the offending corner. Alternatively you can hang a crystal in front of it or place mirrors or drape some fabric in front of it to soften the effect.
The right angles on the unbound edges of the front and back covers of a hardcover book.
Straight lines are foreign to nature, so when two straight lines intersect, this is a powerful manipulation of nature energy. Corners are considered bad Feng Shui as they disrupt healthy chi flow by sending negative energy. If corners 'cut' at people in front of them, this energy needs to be remedied or deflected.
Corners was a BBC children's television series in the 1980s. Produced by Alison Stewart, the format of the programme was that viewers would submit questions and queries (usually general knowledge, but sometimes metaphysical or scientific), and the two hosts, Sophie Aldred and Simon Davies, would try to answer the questions, aided by an anthopomorphised animal puppet, Jo Corner. Being children's programming, the explanations used humour to convey information and frequently involved demonstrations which degenerated into slapstick humour.
Small and sharp corners may present.. Inside and outside corners on a part are reversed in the ...see our pages on tooling and what drives cost to learn more.
The extreme outside position of the holding wood or hinge inside the bark on either side of the tree.
Any corner pieces, radius or sharps, to cover corners
Corners are the meeting place of two converging walls or surfaces. They are often difficult to reach and clean. Extra care should be taken to see that all corners are properly cleaned.
The four curved areas of the hockey rink where a lot of the action takes place.
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The Vertices of a System
Not only the corners of a book in the usual sense (also knows as tips), but the printing ornaments used to connect horizontal and vertical sections of a border.
Lower right and left portions of the blade, between the side edges and the tip.