Definitions for "Instance"
Occasion; order of occurrence.
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) a member of the class extension of an OWL class
A particular incarnation of an object, class, or record, an instance includes the data for one single specific item in a data collection.
A system global area (SGA) and the Oracle background processes constitute an Oracle instance. Every time a database is started, a system global area is allocated and Oracle background processes are started. The SGA is deallocated when the instance shuts down. See Also: background process, system global area (SGA)
A set of background processes and memory structures that access a database.
See Process Instance.
a copy of any symbol from your Flash file's library which resides on the stage
a copy of a symbol located on the Stage or nested inside another symbol
a copy of the that symbol placed on the stage
a JavaScript container holding the swf that you eventually want to control with JavaScript
a JavaScript container that holds a reference to the SWF file that you want to control
an RSACryptoServiceProvider, the fo
That which offers itself or is offered as an illustrative case; something cited in proof or exemplification; a case occurring; an example; as, we could find no instance of poisoning in the town within the past year.
To mention as a case or example; to refer to; to cite; as, to instance a fact.
To give an example.
A value used to describe a particular characteristic of a data element. There are four different instances available for each data element, namely: average, maximum, minimum, and delta.
a particular variable of that datatype
a particular variable of this datatype
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The second part of a Kerberos principal. Techncially, it gives information which qualifies the primary. If the primary refers to a user, the instance is often left blank (and describes the user's credentials if not omitted). If the primary refers to a host, the instance is its complete hostname (such as "").
The second part of a principal name, an instance qualifies the principal's primary. In the case of a service principal, the instance is required and is the host's fully qualified domain name, as in host/ For user principals, an instance is optional. Note, however, that joe and joe/admin are unique principals. See also primary, principal name, service principal, user principal.
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a single logical ICM system
a single, logically separate replication (associated with a thread of execution, not a physical copy of code) of a module along with its associated data, methods and services (see "driver instance").
In logic, the word applied to a logical sentence (forumla) or argument that contains actual content. For example, the sentence form "No S are P" can be seen in the instance of that form "No (students) are (lazy, or unwilling to put the necessary work into learning logic). In this case, "students" is the subject (S), while the predicate (P) is "lazy, or unwilling to put the necessary work into learning logic"
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The text and tags (excluding the DTD and related files) of an individual SGML-encoded document, such as a single EAD-encoded finding aid. See also SGML Document.
The actual use of an element or document type in a document, as opposed to its definition. An instance may also refer to an entire document; a document may be an instance of a DTD if it can be validated under that DTD.
The act or quality of being instant or pressing; urgency; solicitation; application; suggestion; motion.
That which is instant or urgent; motive.
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a commensurable diagonal
a block of data you create to describe a specific invocation of your handler plug-in
a compound surface, given by the contents of an octree file (created by oconv)
A separately executable configuration of a server or other software entity on a given host. With a single installed set of binary files, it is possible to create multiple instances of Netscape servers that can be run and accessed independently of each other.
A Calendar Server configuration of one or more server processes. Multiple Calendar Server instances can be configured per server.
A distinct execution of a server process on a computing node. In general, multiple instances of a server can run on a single node or on multiple nodes, and each instance can be configured independently.
a concept-relation-concept unit
two concepts linked by a bidirectional named relation, as in dog has part tail / tail part of dog (our style is to underline concepts and show relations in italics).
An administrative unit which groups together components of an R/3 System that provide one or more services. These services are started and stopped at the same time. All components belonging to an instance are specified as parameters in a common instance profile. A central R/3 System consists of a single instance which includes all the necessary SAP services.
An administrative unit that groups together components of an SAP R/3 system or simply an Application server which has its own set of work process.
A data structure used to provide access to a programming interface at runtime. An instance consists of a pointer to the interface function table, and private data that defines the current state of the instance.
a collection of data with identity, state, and behavior
a collection of global variables, function pointers, and other data used by a fragment
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a single word or alpha-character string that is used internally within the Sun Management Center agent to identify uniquely a particular module or a row within a module
a string by which the row of the table is identified (for columnar values) for which the value is collected and has to be stored
A term for a record or row.
a concrete, specific, unique entity (e
a lair that is unique to the group that enters it
a name d entity that has its own identity and value
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an actual representative of an ADT
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A call of a recursive routine.
a much more controlled environment than the outdoors, making it a somewhat safer proposition to carry a lower level through
a Boolean formula in conjunctive normal
an intermediate block between a picture and either a model or another picture
a working model of the blueprint
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a private adventuring wing for just you and your group
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Refers to the area of the game where only you and a group of people are seperate from others.
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1. a direct instance. 2. a generalized instance. 3. an indirect instance.
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A token; a sign; a symptom or indication.
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A set of R/3 kernel programs running on one host.
an alternatively stored set of options for a given printer
a specific configuration of a service
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a member of a specialization for life
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a place with
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(of a type) A general instance of the type.
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See Generic_unit..
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See generic unit.