Definitions for "Singleton"
a single object (as distinguished from a pair)
a class for which only one instance can exist within a program
a class for which there will be only one instance in the entire course of a run, and which will exist for pretty much the entire run
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In certain games at cards, as whist, a single card of any suit held at the deal by a player; as, to lead a singleton.
Suit with only one card in it.
(n. or adj.) A suit in which one owns a single card.
a plausible outcome of many scenarios in which a single agency obtains a decisive lead through a technological breakthrough in artificial intelligence or molecular nanotechnology
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An offspring born singly.
A single live-born infant.
a single thing, such as an offspring born alone
A sequence that has no nucleotide overlaps with other Incyte clones at a given stringency.
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a kind of global variable, which makes some kinds of future changes to code more difficult, while at the same time greatly simplifying access to a lone resource that lots of clients need access to
a set of methods that may be in scope for direct access by any line of code in a single executable module
a set containing a single member
a set with only one element
In mathematics, a singleton is a set with exactly one element. For example, the set {0} is a singleton. Note that a set such as {{1,2,3}} is also a singleton: the only element is a set (which itself is however not a singleton).
Planet that is the sole occupant of the horoscope hemisphere in which it is placed; gives balance to a horoscope with nine planets in the other hemisphere.
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a single, scalar output value
a conceptual graph that consists of a single concept, but no conceptual relations or arcs
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a baby that is not a twin or other multiple birth
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One event in a row
a single key chord, ie. only one digit pressed and released
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a really good way to go that is probably the most portable
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a single-process design pattern
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A person who does not have more than one personality.