Definitions for "Cripple"
Keywords:  lame, limb, halts, deprive, stultified
One who creeps, halts, or limps; one who has lost, or never had, the use of a limb or limbs; a lame person; hence, one who is partially disabled.
Lame; halting.
To deprive of the use of a limb, particularly of a leg or foot; to lame.
Keywords:  deck, pocket, flop, kings, thecurrent
A term usually used in relation to tournaments in which one player loses heavily in a hand and is left with a small amount of chips and is then said to be "crippled".
When one player has most of or all of theCards that someone would want to have with theCurrent board. ToCripple the deck.
adj. A deck is crippled if key cards are out, making action unlikely. If you hold A, and the board has another ace, it is less likely for anyone to have the final ace. Fearing the scary ace on the board, no one will bet hard against your wonderful hand.
Keywords:  stud, lumber, header, unseasoned, door
A short length of studding that takes the place of a full-length wall stud above doors and windows in wood-framed construction.
(Construction) Short vertical stud (2 by 4's or 6's)  installed between a door or window header and the top plate.
A cut in an unseasoned joist, bearer or stud designed to reduce movement in a floor or wall as the structural timber seasons.
Keywords:  thickets, swampy, bog, brush, wet
Swampy or low wet ground, often covered with brush or with thickets; bog.
Keywords:  nymphal, pupal, stuck, emerging, insect
An emerging insect that is stuck in its pupal or nymphal case and cannot get out.
Keywords:  biddle, see
see biddle
Keywords:  lumberman, rocky, shallow, stream, term
A rocky shallow in a stream; -- a lumberman's term.
Keywords:  bad, order, car, see
See Bad Order.
A bad order car.
Keywords:  height, extend, load, carry, full
A structural member which does not extend the full height of others around it and does not carry as much load.