Definitions for "STUDS"
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An ornamental solid metal button with a shank on the back. The shank is inserted straight through the material and bent which fastens it to the material. Decorative studs are used on handbags made of thick materials such as leathers, vinyl’s, and twill fabrics like denim, versus fine fabrics like satin which would fray and tear from the shank attachment. Also see - BEADWORK Handbag decorated with studs Made by - VIVA CALIFORNIA photos provided by substatic
They look like tiny cufflinks and replace buttons on a formal tuxedo shirt.
Worn on men's tuxedo shirts instead of buttons. Also, a term used to describe stud earrings.
Intermediate posts between the main ones of a timber frame. (Wood, Margaret. The English Medieval House, 415) Related terms: Close-Studding
2" X 4" or 2" X 6" wood or steel used as the framing support for walls. Usually placed sixteen inches apart from the center of the stud.
The vertical framing members in walls, usually 2x4" or 2x6" wood. Metal studs are also available but less common. Depending on their size, type, and snow load requirements, studs are spaced on 12, 16, or 24" on-center.
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Studs was an American television game show which was produced by Fox Television Studios. It ran in syndication from 1991 to 1993, hosted by Mark De Carlo. In general, the show follows a somewhat similar format to that of The Dating Game and Love Connection.
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Metal spikes fitted into the treads of winter tyres to give extra grip on snow and ice.
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See cleats. Law 4
Large or fancy upholstery nails used as decoration.