Definitions for "TASSEL"
A pendent ornament, attached to the corners of cushions, to curtains, and the like, ending in a tuft of loose threads or cords.
The flower or head of some plants, esp. when pendent.
To adorn with tassels.
To put forth a tassel or flower; as, maize tassels.
silky strands at the top of the corn plant.
The structure at the tip of the corn plant, which is the male flower.
A decorative Handbag with a tassel zipper pull Made by - COCO CHANEL photo provided by blockcaptain Handbag with a tassels on each side Made by - VIVA photo provided by substatic Handbag with a tassels at the bottom Made by - NO MAKER NAME photo provided by substatic Handbag with a tassel zipper pull Made by - TIGNANELLO photo provided by substatic
A decorative or useful attachment to a handbag, usually of stringy appearance. Can be use as a zip pull.
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TASSEL is a bioinformatics software package that can analyze diversity for sequences, SNPs, or SSRs. Genotype/phenotype associations can be carried out by GLM or a mixed model. Estimates distance and linkage disequilibrium statistics.
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A male hawk. See Tercel.
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A kind of bur used in dressing cloth; a teasel.
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Traditional archery accessory worn on belt to clean bolts or arrows.
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A narrow silk ribbon, or the like, sewed to a book to be put between the leaves.
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A piece of board that is laid upon a wall as a sort of plate, to give a level surface to the ends of floor timbers; -- rarely used in the United States.