Definitions for "Webbing"
A woven band of cotton or flax, used for reins, girths, bed bottoms, etc.
a type of military back-pack, made of sturdy canvas and containing numerous pouches for carrying the ammunition, water bottle, bayonet, food, clothing and personal belongings of a soldier.
a strong, narrow, tightly woven nylon strip material used to make pack straps, tent loops, lash straps, seat belts, and the like.
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Solder adhering to the surface of a solder mask after the soldering operation.
Softening of printed circuit board laminate as it passes over a solder wave, such that fine particles of solder are picked up by the tacky board surface. Syn: spidering.
in planning writing, the use of diagrams or maps to show the relationships among the ideas to be included. See also mapping.
is a graphic organizer used to group ideas for writing or to aid in comprehension while reading.
An unstructured, visual idea-generating technique that uses association to explore relationships to get your writing started
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Formation of liquid film of webs between adjacent formers or between parts of the same former.
A condition of uneven adhesive transfer characterized by stringing of the adhesive from the applicator mechanism and the formation of dried adhesive film which clings to the applicator parts.
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Visible web-like inclusion in some Opal (light or dark in colour)
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The members or parts making up the web.