Definitions for "Colour"
This may range from white to brown and is defined by a standard nomenclature ('grading scale') mostly ranging from D to M.
The color of the camera bag, usually in black, blue or red.
The colour (which ranges from light green to darkest brown) of a cigar can affect its taste. For example, darker wrappers indicate a concentration of sugars in the leaf and such cigars often taste sweeter; not bitter as you'd expect. Conversely, a light coloured wrapper usually offers a drier taste There are over 65 different shades of Havana cigar wrapper alone. All Havanas in a box are colour matched with the smallest tonal variances, arranged with the darkest cigar to the left and the lightest on the right, and banded by hand at exactly the same height on every cigar. Beware of any box of Havanas containing multi-coloured cigars.
Different perceptions, which are provoked by the stimulus of the retina through light waves of different wave length.
Concrete is coloured by the selection of aggregates and/or the incorporation of a proprietary pigment.
Pigmentation of a person’s skin.
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See typographic colour.
Refer Typographic colour.
See Color.
"Colouring a story" implies introducing an element of bias or editorial point of view. "Giving a story colour" means brightening the story with human interest material.
any material used for its color; "she used a different color for the trim"
of pearls is usually influenced by the type of pearl oyster; an important factor in pearl selection.
The type of oyster or mussel is a key determinant in colour. Different geographical areas have different molluscs which produce different colours.
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See Colour Filter.
abbr. colour filter, used to change the colour of light coming from a lantern.
In limnology, colour is a Measure of the humic material in water. It is measured by comparing filtered lake water to a mixture of platinum (Pt)-cobalt compounds, and is presented as units of Pt.
There are two types of colour. Colour that is used to define true colour, that is the colour of water from which turbidity has been removed. Apparent colour includes not only colour due to substances in solution, but also that due to suspended matter.
Determined as whiteness (by light reflectance) when applied to starch and modified starches. Refers to apparent colour (determined by light transmittance) when applied to glucose syrups and caramel products in solution.
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If you looked after the fruit in the first place you wouldn't need to add extra colour.
(Fruit Juice) The colour of FCOJ is evaluated by comparing the colour of the product with USDA orange juice colour standards.  To be classified as Grade A, FCOJ must score from 36-40 on colour.
Colour occurs naturally in water from upland sources. Colour is removed during the water treatment processes (coagulation and filtration). 20 mg/lPt/Co scale Conductivity Electrical conductivity is a measure of the amount of natural dissolved inorganic substances in source water. It is used to assist treatment control. 1500 µS/cm
not everybody is gifted with goodcolour sense; indeed, it is an accessibility issue for people with any kind of colour blindness there are many resources to help you on the web see: resources
As used on our order form, the colour of the blind or fabric that you have selected.
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a connected component of this graph
Modifies the colour of a component of a product.
The user has the option to separate out the video data in YUV format into Y and separately U with V. Y represents the monochrome information and the UV components the colour information. The UV components combined are the size of half the data of the Y component.
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The flag of a military unit.
A colour is a name for certain kinds of flags.
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is a small piece of precious opal.
a vibration, a sound is a vibration, even a form changes characteristics of vibrations in surroundings, apart from the fact, that in all objects are as vibrations recorded also emotions and thoughts of the maker
a physical object as soon as we consider its dependence upon its luminous source,
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Two or more colours in which a program is encoded or a monitor displays. Programs encoded to display colour require a colour monitor and, in the case of some computers, a colour card or board.
This is the colour of the vehicle as shown on the V5 Registration document (log book).
A colour effect obtained naturally using certain elements contained in the formula or through the addition of colour.