Definitions for "Blending"
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Mix two or more ingredients thoroughly.
The winemakers task of taking wines from different lots or barrels and blending them together for bottling. Traditional and regional regulations dictate what particular grape varieties may be blended together to produce a specific wine. It is the winemaker’s decision on the percentages of each to use, with vintage often playing a crucial role in this equation.
The act of mixing powders of the same or different lots to yield charges of uniform ballistic characteristics.
(n.) In computer graphics, combining two color components into one, usually as a linear interpolation between the two components. The alpha value helps determine how the components are combined.
Fusing two color planes together so no discernable sharp divisions are apparent.
Spray paint technique for effecting spot repairs and colour matching without leaving telltale lines.
The skillful combining of movements in a smooth and natural manner. Hábil combinación de movimientos de forma suave y natural.
In grain marketing, the combining of two different qualities of grain in order to change the total value of both lots. For example, it is common to blend grains of differing moisture or different foreign material content to achieve the requirements of a contract order.
The blending together of letter sounds in order to create a word.
Color change that is detectable at a distance of 6’ to 8’ but which does not seriously detract from the overall appearance of the panel or sheet.
The process of evening color throughout the hair strand during retouches.
A spraying technique that tapers the finish or color so that slight differences cannot be distinguished. Merging one color into another. Tapering the color allows the old finish to show through the new color.
Process that occurs after roasting and before grinding of cocoa beans. Crushed beans are blended, determining the chocolate's flavor.
The process which occurs after roasting and before grinding. Crushed beans are blended, determining the flavor of the chocolate.
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The act of mingling.
The method of laying on different tints so that they may mingle together while wet, and shade into each other insensibly.
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A process where individual agents are able to operate across multiple function calls at the one time i.e. an agent that processes inbound service calls and outbound sales during their shift.
Where the same agents work on both inbound and outbound calling during any one day
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A technique to reduce the RCS of an aircraft by shaping surfaces to come together smoothly rather than leaving edges and gaps which are strong radar reflectors.
manipulating an area of gray so it smoothly changes from one gray value to another. (Drawing Lesson 14)
Term applied to 19th century belief that parental traits "blended" in their offspring; disproven by Mendel's work.
Bottleneck assignment, Bottleneck transportation, Bottleneck TSP
The coloured textures are added to the haze and lighting to make the final scene and the pixel is written to the frame buffer. In some 3D engines, the rasterization process can now loop back to step a if a second set of effects is needed.
The application of binder and additives to fiber in the manufacturing of composite panels.
The machining of the transition in the bearing length from long to short.
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Edit / See: Call Blending
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