Definitions for "allophone"
any one of two or more speech sounds that considered variants of the same phoneme. For example, the p sounds of pin and spin are allophones of p; and the t sounds of toe stop and catnip are allophones of t.
A predictable phonetic variant of a phoneme, such as nasalized vowels.
phone, one of two or more phonetic variants of a pho­neme. Examples: allophones of the /t/ phoneme in Eng­lish yne as dis­tinct from American wa er; alloph­ones of the /r/ pho­neme in Spanish io as against in Mad id.
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Person with non-official language as mother tongue. (Source: 1996 Census Dictionary, Statistics Canada)
Name given to a person who speaks neither French nor English as its primary language. It comes from statistical jargon in Québec.
A set of phones within a language that contain the same information.