Definitions for "RIME"
Agreeing sounds in the terminals of verse, mostly bad. The verses themselves, as distinguished from prose, mostly dull. Usually (and wickedly) spelled "rhyme."
Rhyme. See Rhyme.
The part of a syllable containing the first vowel sound and remaining consonants. For example, in the word dog, /og/ is the rime.
White frost; hoarfrost; congealed dew or vapor.
To freeze or congeal into hoarfrost.
A dense, fine-grained deposit built up from the freezing of supercooled cloud droplets onto exposed objects, including falling snow crystals.
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(Tibetan "unbiased") A movement which orginated in nineteenth century Tibet and which was characterised by great teachers of the several principal Tibetan lineages sharing teachings. Many important contemporary teachers have connections to the Rime movement.
( Tib.): "without bias." The non-sectarian reform movement in19th century Tibet made famous by the great spiritual masters Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye, Lama Mipham, Chogyur Lingpa and Patrul Rinpoche. It is characterized by a respect and appreciation for all the teachings and schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
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A rent or long aperture; a chink; a fissure; a crack.
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A step or round of a ladder; a rung.
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A thin crust of icy snow which accumulates on the surface of rocks.
water frozen directly to an object due to wind, humidity, and temperature
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