Definitions for "Neve"
The upper part of a glacier, above the limit of perpetual snow. See Glacier.
Granular ice formed by recrystallization of snow. Synonymous with firn.
Officially the permanent, consolidated snow pack above a glacier, but now commonly used as a synonym for consolidated snow, or any kind of snow, for that matter
Neve were a pop-rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. They formed in 1997, and within a year were signed to Columbia Records. Their first album was slated for release in 1998 under the title Identify Yourself, and featured the hit single "It's Over Now", which was also included on the soundtrack to the movie The Faculty.
The NEtwork Visualisation Environment is a framework for 3D-visualisation of and interaction with networks, especially communication networks as the internet in both real time and as a simulation tool. Based on JMX/Java3D.