Definitions for "Glacial Lake"
Keywords:  meltwater, glacier, lake, lying, fed
An accumulation of standing liquid water on (supraglacial), in (englacial), or under (subglacial) a glacier. July 1995 oblique aerial photograph of most of a circular, blue water, supra-glacial lake on the surface of Bering Glacier, the largest Alaskan glacier, located east of Cordova. The lake formed during the 1993-95 surge of the glacier. The lake has a diameter of ~ .5 miles. Bering Glacier flows through Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park. Chugach Mountains, Alaska. Southeast-looking photograph of a subglacial stream discharging from the terminus of Harriman Glacier, Chugach National forest, Prince William Sound, Alaska. The width of the stream channel is ~ 50 ft.
A lake that derives much or all of its water from the meltingof glacier ice, fed by meltwater, and lying outside the glaciers margin.
A natural impoundment of meltwater at the front of a glacier.