Definitions for "TARN"
Keywords:  cirque, glacial, lake, glacier, erode
A mountain lake or pool.
a glacial lake produced by scouring. These are often found in cirques. Truncated Spur: drainage divide that has been cut off as glaciers straighten the valleys they erode.
A lake left by a receding glacier.
An IDE project in D for everybody. Basic features will be Project management/building/compiling,syntax highlighting,code completion,local bugtracking,Debugger,Smart/Fast code navigation,on type syntax checking,cvs/subVersion,Refractoring,plugin support.
Keywords:  ialia, tahrn, brother
(TAHRN) Ialia's brother.
Keywords:  helm, unique
Tarnhelm (unique helm)
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a word that sounds absurd
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Tarn is a department of 5 758 km² in the Midi-Pyrénées region in the south-west of France, named after the Tarn River.