Definitions for "Helm"
Keywords:  tiller, steer, rudder, wheel, apparatus
The apparatus by which a ship is steered, comprising rudder, tiller, wheel, etc.; -- commonly used of the tiller or wheel alone.
To steer; to guide; to direct.
The tiller. The entire steering gear of the the boat (the tiller, tiller extension, rudder and fittings). The directional control of a boat (eg 'she's very light on the helm' or 'she has quite a weather helm') The person steering the boat (see also Helmsman).
An all-enveloping armour "hood" which enclosed and protected the entire head, face and neck, reaching almost to the shoulders.
Helmet enclosing the entire head and face and reaching down almost to the shoulders
Large headpiece covering the entire head and face and reaching to the shoulders. Often worn over the basnet. (See note 48).
Keywords:  helve
A helve.
Helm, The Watcher, is a god in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.
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See Haulm, straw.
Keywords:  medieval
The medieval helmet.
Keywords:  brow, lying, mountain, heavy, cloud
A heavy cloud lying on the brow of a mountain.
Keywords:  headgear, military, leather, metal
military headgear made of leather or metal.
One at the place of direction or control; a steersman; hence, a guide; a director.
Offers the Helm web based control panel
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a four sided roof, rising to a point, and sitting on four gabled walls.
Keywords:  shield, yellow, top
The yellow helm on top of the shield.
Parts , Places , Expressions Helmsman People , Navigation
The place or office of direction or administration.
A helmet.