Definitions for "Medieval"
is a term that refers to the Middle Ages of west and southern European history. The period extended from about 600 to about 1400 C. E. and was characterized in the region by a feudal social system, periodic nomadic invasions and domination. The period ended with the Renaissance period.
of the Middle Ages (5th - 15th Centuries)
The period between the end of Roman Britain in c. AD450 and the dissolution of the monasteries in c. AD1540. Often split into ?earlier? and ?later? sub-periods either side of the Norman conquest of AD1066.
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Same as MediƦval, MediƦvalism, etc.
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The first single released off of Diecast's third full-length effort, Tearing Down Your Blue Skies, released in 2004 on Century Media Records.
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Under research.