Definitions for "Queen Anne"
The style period from 1700-1730. Characterized by the introduction of the cabriole leg and sinuous curves. The English Queen Anne period was earlier and shorter than the American period of the same name.
A style of furniture that was first made popular in England during the rule of Queen Ann. It was used almost exclusively by early colonial cabinetmakers. The Cabriole Leg is one of the primary characteristics of the Queen Ann style.
A style of architecture found in late 19th Century America and England. The floor plans are asymmetrical and the structures usually feature turrets, forward facing gables, cross gabled roofs, decorative wood and spindle designs and other highly ornate architectural elements.
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rising high at the nape (back) of the neck, then sculpting low to outline a bare yoke.
A collar that rises high at the back of the neckline, cupping the sides of the neck then sculpting low across the chest to outline a bare yoke.
A high-standing collar with a sweet-heart style cut in front.
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(Refer: Edwardian).