Definitions for "Traditional"
Traditional furnishings can hail from England in the 18th century, the French countryside, or even the exotic lands of the East. Among the most popular traditional styles today are 18th-century English, 19th-century neoclassic, French country, and British Colonial revival. More info
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Style name that refers to the characteristic designs of the European and Oriental/Persian schools of weaving. Modern traditional rugs replicate the classic patterns, colors, and styles of antique rugs.
Of or pertaining to tradition; derived from tradition; communicated from ancestors to descendants by word only; transmitted from age to age without writing; as, traditional opinions; traditional customs; traditional expositions of the Scriptures.
pertaining to time-honored orthodox doctrines; "the simple security of traditional assumptions has vanished"
Ancient, enthnocultural-religious beliefs and practices that have been handed down through the generations.
Traditional rock climbing involves the use of ropes and temporary anchors to add a degree of safety to the sport. As the lead climber ascends the rock, he or she inserts of an assortment of metal anchoring devices, known collectively as protection, into the cracks and crevasses at points that may be anywhere from a few feet to several yards apart depending on the difficulty of the route. With the protection securely in place, the climber then uses a carabiner to attach the rope. Once the rope is clipped to a piece of "pro," the belayer below is responsible for tending the rope and stopping the climber in the event of a fall.
A climb where the leader places the protection as they go
Symbols-- symbols that, through years of usage, have acquired an agreed-on significance (i.e.—a cross)
following the Tradition. The Catholic Church has always followed Tradition as a part of revelation from God. To be traditional is to adhere to all of the Church's traditions whether significant or insignificant, despite all pressure, persecution, or coercion to persuade us to do otherwise and no matter what direction it comes from.
watering methods:        Usually requires a ‘sprinkler' which is an attachment to a garden hose or fixed pipe that is left unattended to emit water over a given area. Very inefficient due to evaporation with the efficiency becoming less as the water drop size decreases (large drops versus water mist). Of the total water dispensed as little as 40% of the water may actually make it to the target area. Facts about 'traditional watering'
A boomerang with an angle of approximately 110° between its two wings. This angle was not chosen because of its efficiency in flight, but rather because it is, via tree roots, one of the few ways to reliably get a section of natural bent wood with the grain running along the full length of the boomerang.
An unfinished product that must be stained or finished after installation. Traditional is also Mirage's name for its grade of wood with the heaviest natural variation in color. See Grade.
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the largest and most common Breyer models
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A term used to refer to accepted, established and valued techniques customary to papermaking processes of the past.
Traditional refers to the practices and ways that have been unique to Aboriginal people for generations.
consisting of or derived from tradition; "traditional history"; "traditional morality"
Based on or established by the history of the area.
Observant of tradition; attached to old customs; old-fashioned.
To create a document or publication using mechanical means as opposed to digital means such as with personal computers and page layout programs.
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All music composed before 1960.