Definitions for "Prophet"
Keywords:  revelator, spokesman, allah, god, seer
One who prophesies, or foretells events; a predicter; a foreteller.
One inspired or instructed by God to speak in his name, or announce future events, as, Moses, Elijah, etc.
An interpreter; a spokesman.
Prophet were a band from New Jersey featuring Dean Fasano (lead and backing vocalist), Ken Dubman (guitarist), Scott Metaxas (guitarist and bassist), Joe Zujkowski (keyboard), and Ted Poley (drummer and lead vocalist). This was at least the line up of the first album in 1985. Prior to this William Runco was also part of the band.
a man endowed with priesthood authority who is called by the Lord to leadership in the unfolding of the plan of salvation
a man of the Word
a man who possesses spiritual foresight
Masema, a mad Saldean follower of the Dragon Reborn whose followers, the Dragonsworn, commit atrocities.
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This project intends to build a 2D isometric tile engine similar to Age Of Kings:The Conquerors but a lot better and with the art and settings out in the open for fun editing and customization.So how abt a return to the gud ol' RTS game for a spruce up!
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A mantis.
In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Prophets, also known as Wormhole Aliens, are non-corporeal beings who inhabit the artificially constructed Bajoran wormhole which connects a distant point in the Gamma Quadrant to the Alpha Quadrant, near the planet of Bajor and the space station Deep Space Nine.
Prophet is a Christian novel by Frank E. Peretti published in 1992. It tells the story about how the media covers the abortion issue.
an intermediary between a deity and the earthbound
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ASL Browser
a psychic with cache, an historical persona and stance
a guide, someone who the people trust to deliver the message of hope
an individual who receives a message from G-d
Someone who becomes fabulously rich by always being wrong.(alternative spelling: "profit")
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a caring loving person who teaches people the right way to live
a person in whom there is Spirit--who Sees by the Spirit of Hashem and judges with Reason
a person who brings knowledge
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a beneficial entity