Definitions for "Inspiration"
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The act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions; the result of such influence which quickens or stimulates; as, the inspiration of occasion, of art, etc.
A supernatural divine influence on the prophets, apostles, or sacred writers, by which they were qualified to communicate moral or religious truth with authority; a supernatural influence which qualifies men to receive and communicate divine truth; also, the truth communicated.
to be guided or controlled by the Holy Spirit just as the men who were anointed by God to be his vessels in writing the Bible.
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The act of inspiring or breathing in; breath; specif. (Physiol.), the drawing of air into the lungs, accomplished in mammals by elevation of the chest walls and flattening of the diaphragm; -- the opposite of expiration.
inhaling; taking in oxyge
The process of breathing air into the lungs.
something that moves a mind to create
a psychic state in which one becomes susceptible to creative spiritual influence or, to a varying degree, unwittingly lends oneself as an instrument for through-flowing ideas. See INSPIRATION.
arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity
Inspirations in CoH are much like potions in other mmorpgs. When you click on an inspiration you gain a temporary boost to the specified stat -- resists, damage, endurance, health, or accuracy. Inspirations can be used once, and then disappear. You can purchase them at contacts/stores, and also drop randomly while fighting. Submitted by: seretogis || Last Updated: april 14th, 2004 || Comments (0)
Inspiration is the debut album of William Hung recorded following the early 2004 broadcast of his failed American Idol audition where Hung received notoriety and a cult following. The album was recorded the weekend of March 6, 2004, with Hung singing vocals over karaoke music. It was released on April 6, 2004 by Koch Entertainment and debuted on the Billboard Top 200 charts at #34, selling 37,676 units during its first week.
Inspiration is an album released by guitar virtuoso Yngwie J. Malmsteen issued in 1996. It consists entirely of cover versions of various influences.
A software program designed to create flow charts and content maps that can be used in prewriting to help students organize their ideas on a certain topic.
a software program used in several elementary schools that helps students develop writing skills - called a "concept mapping" program Kidspiration(tm) helps students K-5 see, organize and develop their great ideas. visit Teacher Resource page or Inspiration Software, Inc.'s website for more information
Inspiration is a tool to assist users to plan, research and complete projects effectively. Integrated diagramming and outlining views and complementary learning capabilities combine to create an essential tool to assist users to visualise and organise their learning.
Inspriation is a 1915 American film directed by George Foster Platt and starring Audrey Munson. It is notable for being the first American film to feature nudity.
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the most honored, although not always the most effective, method of selecting picks. Inspirational players rely heavily on the subconscious and the muse, avoiding Research and Sure Things. They generally prepare their list in one sitting, often on December 31st, selecting the most colorful people and letting the chips fall where they may. While they will not often be seen winning the Gran Prix, they are always a threat to Solo and capture Dr. Death's Diploma for Class List.
Inspiration is a Fantasy class cruise ship for Carnival Cruise Lines. She sails on four and five day itineraries to the Western Caribbean from Tampa, Florida.
Mysterious, unpredictable impulse which enables poets to produce the finest quality poetry. Robert Graves compared inspiration to lightening that strikes 'where and when it wills'.
a sudden intuition as part of solving a problem
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We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how. Anonymous
arousing to a particular emotion or action
a dynamic program that allows students to incorporate new information at any time