Definitions for "Self"
Hence, personal interest, or love of private interest; selfishness; as, self is his whole aim.
Personification; embodiment.
The concept of the self is relatively new within psychotherapy. It is largely due to the writing of Carl Jung who sought a word other than ‘soul' to describe the whole nature of an individual beyond the tripartite structure of Ego, Superego and Id proposed by Freud.
Same; particular; very; identical.
The individual as the object of his own reflective consciousness; the man viewed by his own cognition as the subject of all his mental phenomena, the agent in his own activities, the subject of his own feelings, and the possessor of capacities and character; a person as a distinct individual; a being regarded as having personality.
The mental representation of personal experience, including thought processes, a physical body, and a conscious experience of individuality. (p. 6) go to glossary index
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a fur color pattern where the hair colors are the same on each hair shaft all over the bunny. The pattern that may be modified by the c-series gene (such as in sable point). Black is an example of a self color.
self patterning is using matching or just a shade light or darker threads to make an ornament that is monotone. It is a very rich and understated look, found on many designer silk sarees.
The same colour fur all over.
Self is a prototype-based dynamic object-oriented programming language, environment, and virtual machine centered around the principles of simplicity, uniformity, concreteness, and liveness.
The original object that received the message under processing.
Reserved variable which contains the object handle of the object in which it occurs. Used to enable objects to send messages to themselves. If you send a message to SELF from object A, object A is the receiver of the message; if you send a message to self from object C, object C is the receiver of the message. SELF always refers to the object currently executing, even if the method is one which is being inherited. For example, imagine two objects, A' and B', instances of classes A and B where B inherits from A. A implements instance method, "calculateValue". The "calculateValue" method sends the message "getObjectConstant" to self. If B' gets sent the "calculateValue" message, the method is inherited from class A. When "calculateValue" sends a message "getObjectConstant", the message actually gets sent to B'. If A' were to be sent the "calculateValue" message, then the send to SELF would send the message to A'. You can use SELF exactly like any data item of type Object Reference, so you can also pass it as a parameter to other methods.
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Having its own or a single nature or character, as in color, composition, etc., without addition or change; unmixed; as, a self bow, one made from a single piece of wood; self flower or plant, one which is wholly of one color; self-colored.
a solid-colored cat with no pattern or shading in the coat.
standards and falls are the same color
Self is a rock band that is mostly the brainchild of one Matt Mahaffey from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Mahaffey began his musical career as a drummer, forming his first band at the precocious age of nine or ten with band members twice his age. Having gigged with punk, reggae, and pop bands, and even bluegrass square-dancing bands, Mahaffey went on to produce beats for rap artists out of his college dorm room.
variable given to the default page in a Fusebox application; a shortcut that is equivalent to the value of cgi.script_name. Used when referring back to the fusebox: form action="#self#?fuseaction=#XFA.submitForm#"
Self was a series of three cyclecars built by the brothers Per and Hugo Wiertz in Svedala in 1916, 1919 and 1922.
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Self is a novel by Yann Martel. It tells the story of a traveling writer who wakes up one morning to discover that he has become a woman. It was first published by Knopf Canada in 1996.
The fusion of male and female gametes from the same individual. See self-fertilization.
To fertilize eggs with sperms from the same individual.
A symbol-using individual who can reflect upon his/her own behavior.
a synthesis of finite and infinite, temporal and eternal, body and soul, held together by spirit
Combination of spirit and soul conveniently considered as an entity; spirit soul.
The illusion that we exist over time as something long-term and lasting. Using this illusion as a reference point. If one is sitting on a train and the train out the window begins to move, there is the clear illusion that we are moving through space. It is easy to step out of that illusion for a moment, and realize that it is only an illusion, yet the illusion remains. Films are like this, if the pictures go by fast enough. Self-illusion functions in much the same way, and much more powerfully. Just as the train illusion continues until it is finished, the illusion of self remains. Attempting to negate either of these illusions only creates confusion. lc (see all other entries)
POV the perceptual position achieved when performing as one's self while participating in an experience.
is the most real aspect of one's experience. It is a frame of reference through which a person perceives, conceives and evaluates one's world.
A concept used to explain the immune system's ability to distinguish the body's own cells from foreign cells. The immune system coexists peacefully with every cell in the body that carries marker molecules that identify it as "self."
an entity, certainly more than a Humean bundle of impressions, and indeed more than an agent, since it thinks before it gets into action
RIMMING A style of bathroom lavatory or kitchen sink with a rolled and finished edge, or rim. The fixture installs on top of a counter without the need for a metal sink rim.
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a terrible thing to waste
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a nice hospital
combining form; oneself or itself; "self-control"
Assessment of oneself may be limited by the long-established and set habits of mind. Seeing oneself clearly is more difficult without objective standards of measurement.
a repertoire of behavior appropriate to a given set of contingencies
DETERMINATION--The determining by a people of the form their government shall have, without reference to the wishes any other people. The Charter of the United Nations calls for, "respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples." A 1961 U.N. General Assembly resolution describes Tibetans as a people entitled to the right of self-determination.
used as a combining form; relating to--of or by or to or from or for--the self; "self-knowledge"; "self-proclaimed"; "self-induced"
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acted upon/by self self-declared, self-appointed
a person considered as a unique individual; "one's own self"
a person's make-up
The total, essential, or particular being of a person; the individual.