Definitions for "Bunny"
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A pet name for a rabbit or a squirrel.
a young waitress in a night club whose costume includes a rabbit-tail and ears
(usually informal) especially a young rabbit
a goal that is scored by a hard shot that is aimed close to the goalie's head.
A hard shot aimed at or near the goalie's head, which results in a goal; also called a "donut."
A goal scored on a hard shot close to the goalkeeper's head. Also called a donut.
a documentary film about artist Ray Johnson
Bunny is a 1998 animated short film by Chris Wedge that won an Academy Award in 1998. It has been featured on the "Ice Age - Super Cool Edition" 2nd DVD.
Bunny (Telugu: బన్ని) is a Telugu movie that was released in the year 2005. This is Allu Arjun's third movie, which proved to be his third successive box office hit after Gangotri and Arya. This film stars Allu Arjun in the lead role and Prakash Raj and Gowri Mumjal in other roles.
Bunny (played by Patricia Zentilli) is a character in the sci-fi TV show LEXX.
1) same as betty, but used to emphasize the female rider's body; could be considerd insulting to some. 2) female novice rider.
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A very early Aston Martin team car built in 1921 with a 2 seater racing body
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a surprise and a delight at every moment
hop Jumping the bike over an obstacle without dismounting.
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a fingerplay you can do at Easter time or throughout the year
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a blessing, especially Dutch
a new player with little skill that usually gets slaughtered by the experienced players
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A great collection of ore without any vein coming into it or going out from it.