Definitions for "Stroke"
The act of striking; a blow; a hit; a knock; esp., a violent or hostile attack made with the arm or hand, or with an instrument or weapon.
The result of effect of a striking; injury or affliction; soreness.
A sudden attack of disease; especially, a fatal attack; a severe disaster; any affliction or calamity, especially a sudden one; as, a stroke of apoplexy; the stroke of death.
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One of a series of beats or movements against a resisting medium, by means of which movement through or upon it is accomplished; as, the stroke of a bird's wing in flying, or an oar in rowing, of a skater, swimmer, etc.
The oar nearest the stern of a boat, by which the other oars are guided; -- called also stroke oar.
The rower who pulls the stroke oar; the strokesman.
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The movement, in either direction, of the piston plunger, piston rod, crosshead, etc., as of a steam engine or a pump, in which these parts have a reciprocating motion; as, the forward stroke of a piston; also, the entire distance passed through, as by a piston, in such a movement; as, the piston is at half stroke.
The distance the piston travels from bottom dead center to top dead center within the cylinder.
The distance the piston moves from bottom dead center to top dead center or vice-versa.
The style of swimming: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.
There are 4 competitive strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle.
Optional stroke workout, usually any stroke other than Freestyle
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Each time a golf club makes contact with a golf ball, whether intentional or accidental, constitutes one stroke. A penalty will give you a stroke and you don't even get to hit the ball.
A swing at the ball; a shot.
Any time the club moves with the intention of hitting the ball.
A mark or dash in writing or printing; a line; the touch of a pen or pencil; as, an up stroke; a firm stroke.
Any straight or curved line that has been penned or painted.
The trajectory the pen describes between touching the handwriting surface and being lifted again. A stroke is a sequence of acquired 2D points over time.
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A gentle, caressing touch or movement upon something; a stroking.
Hence, by extension, an addition or amandment to a written composition; a touch; as, to give some finishing strokes to an essay.
To rib gently in one direction; especially, to pass the hand gently over by way of expressing kindness or tenderness; to caress; to soothe.
an award of a rally by the referee to one or other player because of a transgression of the rules by the other player
The gain achieved by the player who wins a rally, either in the course of play or on award by a referee, which results in either a point or change of hand.
a form of cardiovascular disease
a type of cardiovascular disease
Our Question about your height (male)"...However, numerous studies suggest that factors determinant of adult height - such as fetal nutrition, illness or socioeconomic background - also play a role in cardiovascular health and therefore risk of stroke..."
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it begins when the striker's mallet contacts the ball and ends when all balls set in motion by the striker have stopped rolling or have crossed a boundary.
The arm and hand motion during the delivery over the foul line.
The linear movement of a valve spool or cylinder rod that establishes the limits of motion.
a frighteningly destructive attack that can leave you paralyzed, rob you of speech, and destroy your memories
a life-threatening condition for which immediate emergency treatment is required
a medical emergency A medical emergency is an injury or illness that poses an immediate threat to a person's health or life which requires help from a doctor or hospital
Recommendation Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)" Vitamin B6 at 150-200mg daily reduces platelet aggregation, and thus may help prevent ischemic (clotting type) strokes..."
Recommendation Vitamin Folic Acid"A study found that people with a dietary intake of at least 300mcg per day of folic acid reduced their risk of stroke and heart disease by 20% and 13% respectively, compared with those who consumed less than 136mcg of folic acid per day..."
Recommendation Vitamin E" Vitamin E at 300 IU or above reduces platelet aggregation, as do the tocotrienols..."
A single movement of the hand or arm, or of a marking tool. Stroke refers to a pass of the squeegee in screen-printing, and a pass of the brush in painting. See also stroke width.
the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam
a single complete movement
Kinematic measurement unit of a fluid's resistance to flow. Defined by the ratio of the fluid's viscosity to its density. Usually measured as centistokes (cSt).
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The color, tint, or pattern applied to the outline of a path or text character. Applying a stroke makes a path outline visible.
the thickness of the outline of a balloon or SFX.
The line that defines a shape (such as the outline of a letter).
A straight or curved diagonal line.
The main diagonal portion of a letterform, though this term is often used to refer to any of the main portionsÑvertical, near vertical, or diagonalÑof a letter.
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a classic ABI
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A component discharge of a lightning flash, which follows a leader.
See lightning stroke.
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treat gingerly or carefully; "You have to stroke the boss"
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a mindaltering experience too (often permanently and including personality change), like meningitis is
a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information
a mark made by a writing implement (as in cursive writing)
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A process of maneuvers, where a craft is slid past a planted paddle.
The action of engaging the surface of the ice with the inside edge of the blade of the free foot, pushing, stepping onto the opposite foot, and lifting the first foot off the ice surface, to propel the skater forwards or backwards.
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The Condition"...concerning the specific type of stroke, its location, and how severe the damage is, can be determined by using a number of advanced imaging tests including Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)..."
a continuous line in a Chinese character
a segment of continuous line or curve that constitutes a Chinese character
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a possible explanation
a condition that arises
The Condition"...These symptoms include ... Nausea, vomiting, or drowsiness may also occur during a stroke..."
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a long thin color line manually applied, to handles, most common example is Dainty Blue pattern.
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The striking of the clock to tell the hour.
To strike.
strike a ball with a smooth blow
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To give a finely fluted surface to.
a series of connected points in the scribble drawing
a unit of nourishment that empowers the human psychological system
a very small extension or protrusion on several Hebrew letters, which distinguish these letters from similar ones (like, in English, an R from a P)
any one of the repeated movements of the limbs and body used for locomotion in swimming or rowing
row at a particular rate
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An array of points that define the path of the stylus, starting with a stylus-down event and ending when the stylus is lifted.
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To make smooth by rubbing.
A very smooth delivery.
a devastating problem for the individual, for the family, and for society
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The amount of decrease in overall length that occurs when a blind threaded insert is installed. Therefore, it is numerically equal to the shortening. However, the term stroke is typically applied to spin-pull tools whereas the shortening term is applied to the insert. Most spin pull tools have an internal stop which limits the stroke. To setup these tools, the stroke must be properly adjusted so that the insert will be installed properly.
A technique of therapeutic massage; applying to the surface or deeper structures of the body.
The Condition"...Other risk factors for stroke include ... Diets high in alcohol, cholesterol, fat and sodium consumption..."
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a generic term for a trace of ink in handwriting
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Deliberate illegal play.
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color to use when stroking a graphic primitive
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a mouse click or a click of a keyboard key
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a coloured border
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The rate of succession of stroke; as, a quick stroke.
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a unit of recognition
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a process that occurs from a few hours to a couple of days then the only thing left is the residuals
a straight line or arc that is used as a segment of a graphic character
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a difficult thing at the best of times, but here you are, a young mother with a young family
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Power; influence.
a medical condition that requires immediate care in a hospital
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a dangerous event
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Any shot used in the game, including the serve.
a common cause of death and one of the most common causes of adult disability
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main portion of a character
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A stroke is a single action of certain engines.