Definitions for "Cadence"
A fall of the voice in reading or speaking, especially at the end of a sentence.
A rhythmical modulation of the voice or of any sound; as, music of bells in cadence sweet.
Rhythmical flow of language, in prose or verse.
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A uniform time and place in marching.
Crank rotations per minute as measured on a cycling computer; in your head (good luck); or by a savant who also specialises in such things as baseball statistics or counting spilled toothpicks. 65-85 rpm is a good average. A cadence of less than 1 rpm is known as freewheeling.
Rate at which a person walks, expressed in steps per minute.
is the profile of a call progress signal for example, two short rings followed by silence.
An audio cadence is a repeating sequence of sound (tone-on) and silence (tone-off), such as the on/off pattern produced by a ringback or a busy signal.
Cadence is a 1990 film directed by (and starring) Martin Sheen, in which Charlie Sheen plays an inmate in a United States Army stockade. The film is based on a novel by Gordon Weaver.
a percussion "song" performed during parades
closing strain: also, a fanciful extemporaneous embellishment at the close of a song.
The short nickname of a rock group whose full name is Cadence Clearwater Revival. When everybody hopes you're going to stop, but you don't.
Cadence is a collection of frameworks for accelerating J2EE. J2EE is complex and time consuming. Cadence makes building enterprise J2EE systems much easier by providing tools and frameworks to realize faster ROI. J2EE Nirvana indeed !!
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(prosody) the accent in a metrical foot of verse
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The speed or tempo of paddling.
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A string of words a starter uses to prepare riders for the drop of the gate
A permanent grouping of seven essences. A primary cadence consists of seven essences of the same role; it is the smallest "building block" of the entity. An essence's numerical position within his cadence, and his cadence's position within his greater cadence, significantly influence how he directs his energies. (See also "Greater Cadences" and "Casting.")
The words or sounds a quarterback makes prior to receiving the ball from the center. One sound or word is usually the indication to the offense to begin the play.
Harmony and proportion in motions, as of a well-managed horse.
an important moment, and the cues it provides the listener about what is coming next are very important for making sense of the form
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The act or state of declining or sinking.
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See Cadency.