Definitions for "Andante"
Keywords:  tempo, adagio, pace, allegro, walking
A sheet music composition tool using MusicXML. Including conversions of many music notation formats to and from MusicXML.
Moving moderately slow, but distinct and flowing; quicker than larghetto, and slower than allegretto.
(Ital. for "walking") : At moderate speed, usually slower than Allegro and faster than Adagio.
Keywords:  ticket, yaida, flancy, hitomi, porto
The only passenger ticket permitted for travel on the Metro do Porto light rail network. The ticket must remain in the passenger's possession from the moment it is purchased because it may be used as often as required, as long as it is appropriately recharged and validated. There also exists the Andante Gold, for pass holders.
Japanese single release from Hitomi Yaida. It is also the second single taken from the album i/flancy. A limited edition version was released also, including a different coloured case and a CD-Extra track which could be used to access a special website to book tickets to an Hitomi Yaida performance.
Keywords:  obana, eisha, ribon, miho, july
Miho Obana that was serialized in Ribon magazine from May 2001 through July 2002. A compilation version was published by Shūeisha.
Keywords:  slowly
( Andante) Slowly
Keywords:  movement, piece, time
A movement or piece in andante time.