Definitions for "bop"
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an early form of modern jazz (originating around 1940).
Jazz style that emerged in the 1940s, an alternative developed by black musicians to the white big-bands. A small combo (typically trumpet, saxophone, piano, and drums) improvises on the basic material, typically with sharp rhythms ("be-bop" figures), complex and sometimes clouded harmony, and displays of incredible virtuosity from the soloists. It was the style of Charlie ("Bird") Parker, the legendary saxophonist.
dance the bebop
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An assembly of heavy-duty valves attached to the top of a well casing to control pressure.
a large, specially designed valve that is mounted on top of the well during the drilling and completion stages of operation
Blowout preventers/blowout preventer stack - an assembly of heavy-duty valves attached to the wellhead to control well pressure and prevent a blowout.
the law enforcement agency of the Justice Department that operates a nationawide system of prisons and detention facilities to incarcerate inmates sentenced to imprisonment for federal crimes
Bureau of Prisons
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Abbreviation for Bayesian oscillation patterns, patterns found using BSA. See Ruiz de Elvira and Bevia (1994).
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Border a li a href http uk srd yahoo com S D CS SS SIG ll f http A www birdofprey co uk Bird Of Prey
The card Birds of Paradise. [ edit
See Business Owners Policy.
Business Owner's Policy. A package of property and liability insurance for small and medium size businesses, the BOP owes its origin to the success of the homeowner's policy.
BUSINESS OWNERS POLICY. Combination property, liability, and business interruption policy. It is usually written to cover expenses of small and medium size businesses resulting from (1) damage or destruction of business's property or (2) when actions or non-actions of the business's representatives result in bodily injury or property damage to another individual(s).
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Beginning of Partition: The first location in a partition which can be accessed. Identical to BOM if only one partition is defined.
(beginning of partition) on tapes partitioned into logical volumes, the BOP is treated as the Beginning of Tape (BOT) for that volume. A tape has only one BOT, but has as many BOPs as partitions
A college event, i.e. a disco. Occur rarely in the party room (underneath the bar)
Small-scale club night in a College, usually advertised and open to all Cambridge students. The nearest equivalent in Corpus is a slack.
"Big Open Party". This is the name given to parties that are open to all students of the university.
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Benefit Overpayment
Balance Of Payment
Balance of payments. the total of all international transactions undertaken by a country during a given time. Sales to foreigners are recorded as credits while purchases of goods, services or assets are recorded as debits. The BOP statement includes summaries of both the current account and the capital account.
Balance of Payments. An accounting record of a nation's financial transactions with the rest of the world by comparing the amount of foreign currency taken in to the amount of its own currency paid out. It is often used as a barometer of a country's economic wealth, although it is not necessarily the most accurate one. Balance of Payments figures are made up of two accounts; the current account items (goods, services, income and transfers) and capital account items (borrowings and investments within and outside Australia by the government, private sector and Reserve Bank). In Australia, Balance of Payments figures are published monthly by the Australian Bureau of Statistics
An ent, more often than not dedicated to the latest and greatest or at least 'most mature' cheese
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Broken Orange Pekoe - Full-bodied black tea comprising broken segments of somewhat coarse leaves without tips. The smallest of the leaf grades, it gives good color in the cup and is used for many blends.
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Bleeding On Probing
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Oxford term for a party. If you attempt to use it anywhere else in the world, people will laugh at you.
Basic Oxygen Process (For steelmaking).
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"Bind on Pickup." An item that becomes soul-bound as soon as it is picked up.
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Battery, Oil and Paint Recycling Center
Budget Operating Plan. Plan developed within each Operating Unit based upon the stated appropriations.
Best Operational Practices
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Builder Option Package
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Bright Object Protection