Definitions for "Umbrella Liability"
Term used mainly in the US market describing a liability policy where the limits of liability are in excess of the amount covered under a primary policy. It can also fill in gaps in cover such as a Difference in Conditions/Difference in Limits policy in the UK market.
A form of insurance protection that provides additional liability coverage after the limits of your underlying policy are reached. An umbrella liability policy also protects you (the insured) in many situations not covered by the usual liability policies.
A form of "catastrophe" liability coverage usually issued in $ 1 million dollar increments, intended to protect policyholders against high damage awards in excess of the Limit provided by a basic, or primary, policy such as Automobile Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance. Insurance Companies issuing Umbrella Liability policies require policyholders to maintain certain minimum amounts of basic, or underlying, insurance which must be exhausted in the payment of a claim before the Umbrella policy can be called upon. The underlying insurance can usually be provided by a different carrier than the one issuing the Umbrella policy.