Definitions for "Umbrella "
A shade, screen, or guard, carried in the hand for sheltering the person from the rays of the sun, or from rain or snow. It is formed of silk, cotton, or other fabric, extended on strips of whalebone, steel, or other elastic material, inserted in, or fastened to, a rod or stick by means of pivots or hinges, in such a way as to allow of being opened and closed with ease. See Parasol.
An accessory for bouncing light to create diffused lighting
A white umbrella attached to a light stand. The light, instead of being directed toward the model, is directed into the umbrella and the light reflected from this is used for illumination. Also the light may be directed THROUGH the umbrella, so it is sometimes used as a diffuser.
a must if you plan to go on a rainy day
a necessary part of life in Florida especially during rainy season
a necessity and light cotton clothes are still required, as temperatures can be very high
a national charity managing a project with children in care and care leavers in Sheffield
a socially minded, fun organization made up of artists and artisans who desire to care for people who are less fortunate than themselves
One of the Eight Buddhist symbols of good fortune. The royal umbrella symbolizes charity and the incorruptible official.
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The umbrellalike disk, or swimming bell, of a jellyfish.
describes the body of a jellyfish or medusa
a form of protection, so it is perhaps no unusual that he is relieved when he recovers his protection
A protective cone-shaped shield overtop of a smokestack.
A metal shield in the form of a frustrum of a cone, riveted to the outer casing of the smoke stack over the air casing to keep out the weather.
Umbrella is the third album from The Innocence Mission and continues the melodic pop sound from their previous albums. The album was recorded in two months in several studios in Los Angeles, California and Kingston and New York City, New York; among them The Kiva, Dreamland Recording and Masterdisc.
A term used in the Filipino Martial Arts to describe a method of follow through to a Payong, which wraps the blocking stick around the head and strikes from the other side immediately after blocking.
a light , portable screen usually circular and supported on a central stick
To retract the stick so it covers the side and then back of your head, then striking. A variant of a hanging block. See also rooftop.
In the carillon action, a means of preventing water from seeping from the belfry onto the clavier below through the opening where the wire leads of the action descend to the keyboard. A small brass sleeve (hollow cylinder) closed at the top is attached vertically to the wire and moves up and down over a stationary cylinder of smaller bore affixed to the belfry deck.
Excess liability coverage above the limits of basic liability insurance policy such as the owners, landlords, and tenants liability policy. The umbrella policy fills gaps in coverage under basic liability policies.
covering or applying simultaneously to a number of similar items or elements or groups; "an umbrella organization"; "umbrella insurance coverage"
Provides extra liability. Once your assets are above $200,000, you should consider this.
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a doable situation," Townsend said
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Hagrid had a pink flowered umbrella that concealed his wand (SS5; CS7; HBP6)
An open umbrella tells you that despite the fact that the problems you've been waiting for will still happen, you've taken the right precautions and you'll get through it.
A closed umbrella advises that you'll be receiving a generous gift.
paragua—Black umbrella carried by men (ladies carry colorful sombrillas).
A metal frame covered with canvas use to provide shade on a tractor.
a device used for temporary shade Shade is the blocking of sunlight (in particular direct sunshine) by any object, and also the shadow created by that object
Any marine tectibranchiate gastropod of the genus Umbrella, having an umbrella-shaped shell; -- called also umbrella shell.
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a good choice no matter what time of year and if you are wearing drss shoes, rubber covers are not a bad plan
a useful item that will get used again and again, so it's a good investment for golfing fans and many others, too
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MF] when the central color of a Fountain is segmented like an umbrella, the center depressed or not [ GGNJ p.260
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a wonderful present because it's original, it's better than a tie or a scarf, which is really, really, really, average
a lightweight handheld collapsible canopy
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a must if you cannot find a shady spot so that you are not blinded by the glare from your paper
Umbrella is a security mechanism that implements a combination of Process-Based Access Control and authentication of binaries through Digital Signed Binaries . The scheme is designed for Linux-based consumer electronic devices ranging from mobile phones to set-top boxes. Umbrella is implemented on top of the Linux Security Modules framework.
A scheme that runs a number of unit trusts (or sub-Funds) under a common administration. Unit trusts under an umbrella usually share one prospectus, and enjoy lower switching fees within the umbrella.
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an excellent investment as they are quite cheap
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a necessary evil
A formation - resembling an open umbrella - used by a team that is on the power play to take advantage of its numerical superiority.
A formation often used by a team on the power play to spread the defense; so named because it resembles the shape of an open umbrella.
having the function of uniting a group of similar things; "the Democratic Party is an umbrella for many liberal groups"; "under the umbrella of capitalism"
a challenge to the integrity of that organization
a formation of military planes maintained over ground operations or targets; "an air umbrella over England"
a useful item to bring if you are planning outdoor activities
a possession but shares in General Motors are property - in effect, ownership of the "factors of production" was to be held in common, but people were allowed personal possessions
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a suggested item for any time of the year
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See valve umbrella.
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