Definitions for "glare"
To shine with a bright, dazzling light.
To be bright and intense, as certain colors; to be ostentatiously splendid or gay.
To shoot out, or emit, as a dazzling light.
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To look with fierce, piercing eyes; to stare earnestly, angrily, or fiercely.
A fierce, piercing look or stare.
an angry stare
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GLARE is a "GLAss-REinforced" Fibre Metal Laminate (FML), composed of several very thin layers of metal (usually aluminium) interspersed with layers of glass-fibre "pre-preg", bonded together with a matrix such as epoxy. The uni-directional pre-preg layers may be aligned in different directions to suit the predicted stress conditions.
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Indication sent when the switch and router decide to seize the same trunk at the same time. Either the switch or the customer premises equipment (CPE), such as a router, must yield to the glare. In most instances the ideal setup is to have the CPE yield to glare. If the Access Server is not doing dial-out for data or voice, a glare is not encountered.
GLARE is a library and a software for product based optimization of reagent lists in the context of a chemical combinatorial library design. Large virtual combinatorial libraries containing 10^12 products have been optimized within a second.
A viscous, transparent substance. See Glair.
a focus of public attention; "he enjoyed being in the limelight"; "when Congress investigates it brings the full glare of publicity to the agency"
In telephony, the simultaneous occurrence of an attempt to place a call and the appearance of an incoming call on the same line. In general, the incoming call must be given precedence. Also known as call collision.
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See gloss.
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shine intensely; "The sun glared down on us"