Definitions for "Intensity"
The amount or degree of energy with which a force operates or a cause acts; effectiveness, as estimated by results produced.
The magnitude of a distributed force, as pressure, stress, weight, etc., per unit of surface, or of volume, as the case may be; as, the measure of the intensity of a total stress of forty pounds which is distributed uniformly over a surface of four square inches area is ten pounds per square inch.
The amount of radiation energy fell on unit area per unit time.
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The state or quality of being intense; intenseness; extreme degree; as, intensity of heat, cold, mental application, passion, etc.
The degree or depth of color or shade in a picture.
(1) A measure of the energy reflected or emitted by an object. (2) Amount of energy in all wavelengths of a colour; also called value.
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Intensity is a 1997 made for tv horror movie based on the novel by Dean Koontz. It originally aired in the U.S. on the Fox Network. It stars Molly Parker, John C.
Intensity is a novel by the best-selling author Dean Koontz, released in 1996.
A Trait, representing the wrestler's state of energy or fatigue. Wrestlers slowly lose Intensity by performing Maneuvers, and more quickly by suffering Maneuvers performed by their opponent(s). They regain Intensity by resting or (sometimes) by using less taxing Maneuvers.
The difference between the selected animals and the average of the animals from which they came, expressed relative to the amount of variation in the traits. Intensity is a function of the fraction of a population saved as replacements.
One of the most desirable of traits, wines of great intensity must also have balance and vibrancy, and be aromatic and layered.
Level of advertising weight, determined by the outdoor media provider. Referred to as GRP Showing, common sizes are #21 #50, #75 and #100.
The size of a transit program or the extent to which an advertiser's message is displayed in a market.
In outdoor, number of panels in a showing.
a term referring to the brilliance and contrast of a bengal's coat.
The richness or brilliance of a colour.
Intensity relates to appearance and aroma. When evaluating appearance, intensity describes the concentration of color. Prevalent descriptors for color intensity are pale, medium or dark. For purposes of evaluating aroma and flavor, the more pronounced or evident the characteristic, the more intense the wine.
This characteristic could be confused or influenced by the tannins, body, acidity or the length of finish. Yet, it is a better descriptor for the overall punch that the wine gives your mouth. This is a personal perception, based upon your tolerance for the whole of these characteristics.
in terms of acoustic output, the term " High Intensity" is favored herein in lieu of " High Power" because high intensity is required for cavitation. A 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter tip on a probe does not require much power at all to radiate at high intensity whereas a large sonar array may soak up enormous power while radiating at very low intensity.
How light or dark an image is.
The degree to which land is used.  While frequent used synonymously with density, intensity has a somewhat broader, though less clear meaning, referring to levels of concentration or activity in uses such as residential, commercial, industrial, recreation, or parking.  Density usually refers to residential, while intensity usually refers to non-residential uses.
with regard to light, the number of light particles (photons) emitted by a source of light (Thorell & Smith, 1990).
A subjective term referring to how rapidly the coaster changes direction, elements, or can disorient you. From a scientific standpoint, it is how rapidly the G forces fluctuate.
A measure of meaning or what Jung calls value or “feeling tone.
The relative heart rate, speed, or level of exertion expressed as a percentage of the maximum allowable.
How hard and how many of each type of activity to do. Intensity can be measured using Rating Perceived Exertion Scale.
How hard the body works during an activity. In general, the higher your heart rate (that is, the faster your heart beats) the more intense the activity.
(of physical activity) refers to how hard your body works during an activity. In general, the higher your heart rate (or the faster your heart beats) the more intense the activity. For this physical activity tool, activities are classified as sedentary/light, moderate or vigorous based on METs. Click here for a table of activities and METs category.
The amount of modulation.
in outdoor advertising, the extent to which the poster locations provide coverage of a particular market; a 100 showing = 100 intensity. Also refers to the amount of advertising effort in a given period of time.
a general characterization of the total amount of a damage within a specific population and a function (not necessarily arithmetic) of incidence and severity.
The combined effect of all of the rides forces and sensations. Generally the more G's experienced the more intense the ride will be. Some riders may find that discomfort also increases with intensity.
Level of stimulation. Adjusting this level changes the level of discomfort felt by the dog.
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No flab, good flavour development.
A principle of learning where a dramatic or exciting learning experience is likely to be remembered longer than a boring experience. Students experiencing the real thing will learn more than when they are merely told about the real thing.
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How much the pain hurts.
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It can mean that the pace you keep while you train is higher than normal, as in moving quickly and taking a shorter rest between sets. It also can mean that the weight you use during those sessions is relatively heavy for you. It can also mean that the workload within a given time period, combined with the weight and pace is increased.
the amount of weight being lifted, combined with the number of times the weight is being lifted.
Interlocking Weft Investment
Used to describe the relative strong values of color. Also, pertains to the tension between characters, plot and emotional pitch.
The maximum low-level sustained winds or the minimum sea level pressure of a tropical cyclone.
as refers to an event, the integral of the amplitudes over a given period of time (amplitudes/time interval).
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A good sign; can be judged by trying to read print through a full glass
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See Development Intensity.