Definitions for "Colour temperature"
Measured in Kelvin, expressed on a scale (i.e.3400K) this indicates the colour content and quality of a light source light such as a lamp. (see Tungsten film)
Description of the colour of a light-source by comparing it with the colour of light emitted by a (theoretical) perfect radiator at a particular temperature expressed in kelvins (K). Thus "photographic daylight" has a colour temperature of about 5500K. Photographic tungsten lights have colour temperatures of either 3400K or 3200K depending on their construction.
Measured in Kelvin. Measuring unit for the colour of light. White light is brighter than yellowisch light. Daylight has a colour temperature of 5600 K, halogen filament lamps only of 3400K. Halid lamps have a colour temperature of 6000K. They have nearly the same temperature as daylight and therefore suit best for a natural colour reproduction.