Definitions for "Kelvin"
The SI unit of temperature, defined as being 1/273.16 of the triple point of water; abbreviated K. The melting point of water at 760 mm pressure is 273.15 Kelvins, and the boiling point 373.15 Kelvins. One degree Kelvin is equal to one degree Centigrade, and 9/5 degrees Fahrenheit.
Metric unit for thermodynamic temperature. An absolute temperature scale in which the zero point is defined as absolute zero (the point where all spontaneous molecular activity ceases) and the scale divisions are equal to the scale divisions in the Celsius system; in the Kelvin system, the scale divisions are not referred to as degrees as they are in other temperature measurement systems but as kelvins; 0 C equals approximately 273.16 K.
A unit of temperature equal to one one-hundredth of the difference between the freezing and boiling points of water, and used in a scale whose zero point is absolute zero. A Kelvin is usually denoted by K.
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