Definitions for "Thermal Coefficient of Expansion"
Keywords:  cte, expansion, lengthen, expand, ppm
This is a measurement of how much the length of a material will change when the material is heated or cooled. The value given is based on the inch as a unit. The number given shows how much this inch of material will increase if the temperature of the material is raised one degree Fahrenheit. Units - inches per inch per degree Fahrenheit (in/in/°F) - Meters/Meter/°C. Higher numbers mean that the material will expand or lengthen more for each degree rise in temperature. Smaller numbers indicate relative stability to changes in temperature.
Measures dimensional change of a material when heated or cooled. Measured in inches per inch per degree.
A measure of how much a material expands (or contracts) during a change of temperature. Usually expressed in terms of parts per million (ppm) per degree Celsius.