Definitions for "Temperature rise"
The increase of temperature caused by absorption of heat or internal generation of heat, as by hydration of cement in concrete. See hydration and heat of hydration.
The temperature increase over ambient due to load. This is measured as either average rise by resistance or as hot-spot.
Measure of the heat generated by a unit at a given ambient temperature. See also Ambient Temperature.
Relative Density of water Expansion of 1 Litre
The number of degrees Fahrenheit that incoming water must be raised to reach the desired water temperature.
Difference between existing and desired water temperature. Number of degrees (ºF) water must be raised, whether from inlet or preheated wate
The increase in surface temperature of a component in free-standing air due to the total power dissipation (both copper and core loss). The following formula has been used to approximate temperature rise: T (°C) = [ Total Power Dissipation (milliwatts) ].833 surface Area (cm2)