Definitions for "Refrigerator"
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That which refrigerates or makes cold; that which keeps cool.
A box or room for keeping food or other articles cool, usually by means of ice.
An apparatus for rapidly cooling heated liquids or vapors, connected with a still, etc.
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a must have in the darkroom
According to James Berardinelli: Alfred Hitchcock used the term "refrigerator movie" to describe a film with absurd plot twists that are recognized by a viewer only in retrospect - later in the evening, while getting a late-night snack out of the refrigerator.
a vital piece of studio equipment for storing milk, water and other drinks, and of course film
a fine example of a nonspontaneous nonemergent process-outcome
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a massive object in a kitchen space
Combination art gallery and air-conditioner for the kitchen.
an advantage in a larder but by no means a necessity, except in large establishments or in houses where ices are largely used (see Ices)
a welcome appointment in the suites, and bottled water is always available
A very expensive and inefficient room air conditioner.
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a good place to make energy gains in any home
a good place to put a child's work